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The society  Modro nebo is a non-profit and non-governmental organization working in the region of Primorska and Notranjska (Coast and the Carst region) with the aim of popularizing the self-sufficiency of food  and green tourism. Members of the association are convinced that the home-grown and locally produced food and the so-called green tourism can be combined to attract tourists and offer the possibility of involving the inhabitants of the region. Due to its largely unspoilt nature, extraordinary biodiversity, and unpolluted areas the region represents an opportunity for the development of ecological farming; at the same time it offers many possibilities for green tourism (especially hiking) because of its picturesque nature.

Members of the Association have different backgrounds; it involves agronomists, tourist workers (guides and accommodation providers), zootechnics, biologists and other interested individuals who can successfully implement their ideas (and contribute with their knowledge and rich experience) in the field of agriculture and tourism.

The society Modro nebo is characterized by two main activities; firstly, it organizes lectures and workshops on agricultural production and food processing, clean environment and promotion of agriculture. Workshops and lectures take place mainly in autumn and winter. Secondly, the Society organizes hiking tours, aimed at showing the hikers unknown and hidden natural, historical and cultural attractions of the Primorska and Notranjska region. Hiking usually includes several elements: from the field of history, culture, as well as biodiversity. Due to the networking the Society Modro nebo successfully cooperates with many (Slovenian and foreign) associations, institutions, municipalities and businesses, which are are active in the fields of agriculture and/or green tourism. With other partners it slowly builds a greater visibility of the Primorska and Notranjska region and encourages individuals to focus on organic farming and tourist activities.


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